Let us introduce some of the achievements we had at fireworks events. These are our records in various fireworks events both in Japan and abroad.

This is a Hokkoku Fireworks Festival in Kanazawa. It is the biggest among ones held in Kanazawa, totaling up to 12,000 shots.
This is a fireworks festival that gathers a lot of attention, and crowds of viewers not only from Ishikawa prefecture, but from the neighboring ones, too.

On the day of the festival Kanazawa Cable TV Network conducts a live broadcast, Radio Kanazawa also makes live broadcasts of the place, thus delivering the sense of being present at the event via Mass Media.

The biggest city in Ishikawa prefecture, where our main office is located, is Kanazawa. The City started from a castle found by lord Toshiie MAEDA about 400 years ago. Later it developed as a rich town by the castle, and they say it was one of the biggest cities of its time when the shoguns ruled, next to Edo, Osaka and Kyoto.

This festival is held on a riverside area of Tedori river in Kawakita town, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It is called "Hokkoku Big Firework Kawakita Festival".
This event is the most paid attention to among fireworks Festivals in Ishikawa prefecture. It is a fest of light and sound that totals up to 18,000 shots, the biggest scale in all Hokuriku area, gathering 300,000 viewers.

One of the main attractions of the event is the 2-shaku fireball (no. 20 fireball) that gives a sign of the start. It rises to the height of 500 meters, and spread out to the diameter of 480 meters. This event knocks off with the big size of fireworks cracking in the sky and the loud noise that reverberates down to one’s heart.
Other things to note are a set fire waterfall shaped like a sacred Hakusan mountain and the display of artistic fireworks from all over the country.

This festival begun as "Tedori fire festival" where all townsfolk could participate back in 1986. A 45 m high stationary firework is fired fantastically burning the sky in red, one of the biggest of its class in Japan.
At the same time there are more events that make the festival even more joyful, such as "Insects Farewell Drums" that are full of prayer for good harvest, "Farewell lights" that proclaim the virtues and pacify the souls of ancestors and "Tedori Rising Dragon Drums".

There was a Brunei Darussalam International Tattoo 2006 held in Brunei, commemorating the 60th anniversary of His Majesty’s birthday. 1300 people from 13 countries performed as a multi-national army music band. The countries whose representatives came to greet the king are Australia, China, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Japan.

The highlight of the event was the firework synchronized to the live performance of representatives of all countries. It really heightened the atmosphere of the ceremony. So we from Hokuriku Kako were representatives of Japan there and presented the Japanese firework.
Japanese firework have the beauty and splendor that appeals to the heart.

The place was Hassanal Bolkiah national stadium, and the event took place for 4 days starting July, 29 2006. The tickets were 5 dollars worth and all the income was donated to Jakarta earthquake fund.

The theme was "Together We Celebrate His Majesty's 60th Birthday". It was a wonderful ceremony where representatives of different countries from all over the world enjoyed and communicated together regardless of their language or religion. It has left a deep impression that can never be forgotten.

We at Hokuriku Kako feel very proud we could participate in such an event.
We were very glad that we could share our joy overcoming the national borders with everybody in Brunei.
Launching results in Brunei.